Frank Millers Pandora TPB Awakening

Frank Miller's Pandora TPB: Awakening

Written by Frank Miller, Chris Silvestri, Anthony Maranville; Art by Emma Kubert
What if you could have everything you ever wanted, but it was at everyone else's expense.
Drawn to a relic that can deliver her hearts desires, Annabeth Dean uses this power in an attempt to recreate the world and fill her empty life with friendship and love. But the power comes at a price and he "perfect world" is replacing the real one around us.
Annabeth now has all she's ever wanted, but her better place is an invasion... and she's the gateway to the end of the world. Only she can stop it, but to do so, she must sacrifice everything she loves... Collects issues #1-6. 6 X 9" Format. 200 PGS.

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