Black Diamond Detective Agency Graphic Novel

Black Diamond Detective Agency Graphic Novel

Written, Art & Cover by Eddie Campbell
Eisner Award-winning creator Eddie Campbell brings readers thrills and chills in this engrossing mystery about John Hardin, a desperate man. When the local train explodes, taking with it almost the entire population of his rural Missouri hometown, he is the sole suspect of the renowned Black Diamond Detective Agency, a private operation determined to solve the mystery and bring its perpetrator to justice - at any cost! Once a quiet corn farmer, Hardin now finds himself on the run in turn-of-the-century Chicago.6 X 9" Format. 144 PGS.

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Deogratias Graphic Novel

Deogratias Graphic Novel

Written, Art & Cover by J.P. Stassen
Deogratias is just a boy. BĂ©nigne is just a girl. They're teenagers like teenagers everywhere, only he is a Hutu, and she is a Tutsi - so say their ID cards. In 1994, Rwanda was the site of a swift and gruesome genocide; the world watched and did nothing. In less than a hundred days, eight hundred thousand human beings were hacked to death. Stassen's interweaving of the aftermath of the genocide and the events leading up to it gives powerful expression to the unspeakable, indescribable experience of ordinary Hutus caught up in the violence. Recent winner of the Glyph Award. 6 X 9" Format. 96 PGS.

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Laura Dean Keeps Breaking Up With Me Graphic Novel

Laura Dean Keeps Breaking Up With Me Graphic Novel

Written by Mariko Tamaki; Art by Rosemary Valero O'Connell
From This One Summer co-creator Mariko Tamaki comes a hilarious and poignant story of teen heartbreak and friendship.
Laura Dean, the most popular girl in high school, was Frederica Riley's dream girl: charming, confident, and SO cute. There's just one problem: Laura Dean is maybe not the greatest girlfriend.
Reeling from her latest break up, Freddy's best friend, Doodle, introduces her to the Seek-Her, a mysterious medium who leaves Freddy some cryptic parting words: Break up with her. But Laura Dean keeps coming back, and as their relationship spirals further out of her control, Freddy has to wonder if it's really Laura Dean that's the problem. Maybe it's Freddy, who is rapidly losing her friends, including Doodle, who needs her now more than ever. Fortunately for Freddy, there are new friends and the insight of advice columnists like Anna Vice to help her through being a teenager in love. 6 X 9" Format. 304 PGS.

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