Barry Windsor-Smith Monsters HC

Barry Windsor-Smith Monsters Hardcover

Written, Art & Cover by Barry Windsor-Smith
Created over a period of 35 years, Barry Windsor-Smith' Monsters is a tour de force of visual storytelling. Part family drama, part espionage thriller, part metaphysical journey, it is an intimate portrait of individuals struggling to reclaim their lives and an epic political odyssey across two generations of American history. Monsters is rendered in Windsor-Smith's impeccable technique, the visual storytelling being the most sophisticated of the artist's career. There are passages of heartbreaking tenderness, of excruciating pain, and devastating violence. It is surely one of the most intense graphic novels ever drawn. 8 X 11" Format. 380 PGS.

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Compete Eightball TPB Volumes 1 - 18

Compete Eightball TPB Volumes 1 - 18

Written & Illustrated by Daniel Clowes
Collecting issues 1-18 of the iconic Daniel Clowes comics anthology Eightball; it contains the original installments of Ghost World, the short that the film Art School Confidential was based on, and much more, newly designed for paperback by the author.
The beloved comic book series Eightball made Daniel Clowes' name even before he gained fame as a bestselling graphic novelist (Ghost World, Patience, David Boring, Ice Haven) and screenwriter. From 1989 to 1997, he produced 18 issues of what is still widely considered one of the greatest and most influential comic book titles of all time. Now, Fantagraphics is collecting every single page of these long out-of-print issues in a paperback edition. It includes more than 500 pages of vintage Clowes: seminal serialized graphic novels, strips, and rants, such as "Like a Velvet Glove Cast in Iron," "Ghost World," "Pussey," "I Hate You Deeply," "Sexual Frustration," "Ugly Girls," "Why I Hate Christians," Message to the People of the Future," "Paranoid," "My Suicide," "Chicago," "Art School Confidential," "On Sports," "Zubrick and Pogeybait," "Hippypants and Peace-Bear," "Grip Glutz," "The Sensual Santa," "Feldman," and many more. Features new covers by Clowes, and "Behind the Eightball": the author's annotations for each issue, heavily illustrated with art and photos from his archives. 528 PGS.

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Ghost World TPB

Ghost World TPB

Written, Art & Cover by Daniel Clowes
Inspiration for the feature film and one of the most acclaimed graphic novels ever, following the adventures of two teenage girls, Enid and Becky, best friends facing the prospect of growing up, and more importantly, apart. 80 PGS.

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Home to Stay Complete Ray Bradbury EC Stories HC

Home to Stay Complete Ray Bradbury EC Stories Hardcover

Written by Ray Bradbury;Art by Wallace Wood & Various
This sumptuous showcase collects all the Ray Bradbury stories from EC Comics in a single luxurious volume for the first time anywhere. At its creative peak, EC adapted 25 classic Bradbury tales into comics form, illustrated by all of EC's top artists. Here are all 25 - plus ten more unauthorized ones! - lovingly reproduced in a generous oversized format! Introductions by SF authors Greg Bear and Ted White - plus Bradbury's own wry take on how this stellar confluence of artistic talent came to be. Artists include: Wallace Wood, Al Williamson, Jack Davis, Graham Ingels, Bernard Krigstein, Johnny Craig, Reed Crandall. 10 X 13” Format. 328 PGS.

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Our Gang by Walk Kelly Vol 1

Our Gang by Walk Kelly Volume 1

Written, Art & Cover by Walt Kelly
Walt Kelly, perhaps best known for Pogo, illustrated a fifty-nine issue run of comic book stories starring the irrepressible film urchins - the "real-life" characters of MGM's durable short-film series, Our Gang (a.k.a. "The Little Rascals"). Revel in the toothy splendor of Walt Kelly's brushwork. With an introduction by film historian Leonard Maltin! 96 PGS.

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