Witchfinder HC Volume 1

Witchfinder Omnibus Hardcover Volume 1

Written by Mike Mignola & Various; Art by Ben Stenbeck & Various; Cover by Mike Mignola
The collected adventures of England's greatest occult investigator!
When the man called the Witchfinder becomes an agent of the Queen, he is led from the sparkling echelons of Victorian London to its dark underbelly, through the American West, and to explore the mysteries of Unland! Throughout his adventures, he'll face occult conspiracies, rampaging monsters, and London's most infamous secret society: the Heliopic Brotherhood of Ra! This first omnibus edition collects Sir Edward Grey: Witchfinder volumes 1-3, plus an extensive sketchbook section. 440 PGS.

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Witchfinder Omnibus HC Volume 2

Witchfinder Omnibus Hardcover Volume 2

Written by Mike Mignola, Chris Roberson; Art by Ben Stenbeck, Christopher Mitten; Cover by Ben Stenbeck
Discover a nest of vampires, brave a technological "gate" to another realm, and track down the truth behind Jack the Ripper in this collection of three intense adventures of Sir Edward Grey. As the Queen's personal "Witchfinder," Grey continues to pursue the occult goings on in London and beyond. But this time the events he encounters-and the things he learns-will lead him to question his very future. Collects the Witchfinder volumes 4-6. 426 PGS.

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Witchfinder TPB Volume 3

Witchfinder TPB Volume 3: Mysteries of Unland

Written by Kim Newman, Maura McHugh; Art by Tyler Crook; Cover by Mike Mignola
Sir Edward Grey is sent to Hallam to investigate the death of a Crown-appointed official, but once he is there he hears rumors of the mysterious Unland-the wetlands around the town-and the creatures that inhabit it. Grey's skepticism vanishes when he encounters the monsters of Unland, and he realizes that Hallam is a place of secrets. Collects Witchfinder: The Mysteries of Unland #1-#5. 160 PGS.

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Witchfinder TPB Volume 5

Witchfinder TPB Volume 5: Gates of Heaven

Written by Chris Roberson, Mike Mignola; Art by D'Israeli; Cover by Julian Totino Tedesco
A series of occult events mystifies the man known as the Witchfinder, but even more surprising is the revelation that he is not alone in exploring the paranormal in London. When a personal invitation arrives from the palace, Sir Edward Grey is pulled even deeper into underground supernatural exploration alongside new allies in the race to stop a mad scientist from destroying London in his pursuit of mystical power. This volume collects Witchfinder: The Gates of Heaven #1-#5 plus bonus material. 144 PGS.

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Witchfinder TPB Volume 6

Witchfinder TPB Volume 6: Rein of Darkness

Written by Chris Roberson, Mike Mignola; Art by Christopher Mitten; Cover by Julian Totino Tedesco
Sir Edward Grey takes on Victorian London's most infamous killer: Jack the Ripper! Abandoned by Scotland Yard when he insists on an occult purpose to the murders, Grey finds an ally in American occult adventurer Sarah Jewell. Their investigation leads them to the Proserpine Home for Wayward Women, and a dangerous conspiracy that reaches the highest levels of British political power! Collects Witchfinder: Reign of Darkness #1-#5 and bonus material. 144 PGS.

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