Michael Turner Creations TPB

Michael Turner Creations TPB

Written by Michael Turner & Various; Art by Michael Turner
Over two decades in the making, Aspen Comics most prolific release arrives in softcover... MICHAEL TURNER CREATIONS!
In 2003, superstar artist Michael Turner founded Aspen Comics, and now in 2021 his legendary body of work is encapsulated in this massive, over-sized Soft Cover book! MICHAEL TURNER CREATIONS is THE most comprehensive collection of Michael Turner's ASPEN COMICS creations including the FULL FIRST VOLUMES of his iconic Fathom and Soulfire series collected together in their entirety for the FIRST TIME EVER, along with his entire Ekos body of work and a complete Fathom cover gallery!
From Turner's best-selling Fathom to his electrifying Soulfire, journey through his wondrous creations with an incredible 720 packed pages of story, art and more! This is the most complete Michael Turner Soft Cover book ever produced, and the perfect companion to any Michael Turner, Aspen Comics or comic book fans' collection! 720 PGS.

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Fathom TPB Vol 2 Into the Deep

Fathom TPB Volume 2: Into the Deep

Written by J. T. Krul; Art by Koi Turnbull; Cover by Michael Turner
Worlds collide when the might of the bloodthirsty Admiral Maylander and the United States military declare war on the Blue civilizations nestled deep under the ocean's surface. Following the classic events of the original Fathom series, this second thrilling volume finds underwater biologist Aspen Matthews struggling to accept the startling reality of her true identity ? all in the midst of an all-out war between the humans and the Blue!
Collecting together the sold out Fathom: Beginnings and #0 issue, as well as issues #1 though #11. And if that's not enough, we included a complete cover gallery featuring artwork by none other than Fathom creator Michael Turner! This complete Fathom Volume 2 2nd Printing Edition is a must for any Aspen, Fathom, Michael Turner, or comic book fan! 320 PGS.

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Fathom TPB Vol 4 The Rig

Fathom TPB Volume 4: The Rig

Written by Scott Lobdell, David Wohl; Art by Alex Konat
Aspen Matthews takes on a new role above the surface, as her notoriety is now at an all-time high due to her relationship and past with The Blue. Now, she discovers that the challenges on land will eventually pull her back into the water once more, as those forces that seek to take advantage of her power will stop at no cost to harness it--even if it means taking her life in the process! Collecting together issues zero through 9, along with a complete cover gallery, the FATHOM VOLUME 4 TPB is a must for any Aspen, Fathom, Michael Turner or comic book fan! 260 PGS.

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Fathom TPB Vol 5 Cold Destiny

Fathom TPB Volume 5: Cold Destiny

Written by David Wohl; Art by Alex Konat
Following the devastating events of "Michael Turner's Fathom: The Elite Saga," Aspen Matthews finds herself at a significant crossroads in her life! With the memories of her past no longer weighing her down, Aspen is finally able to set about building a new life in San Diego once more. However, being the daughter of two worlds?and living above the surface-- is no easy feat! Aspen will quickly discover the winds of change oftentimes lead directly into a dangerous and bloody future! 216 PGS.

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Fathom Kiani TPB Vol 2 Blade of Fury

Fathom Kiani TPB Volume 2: Blade of Fury

Written by Vince Hernandez; Art by Oliver Nome
In Volume One, she discovered her true identity. Later, she was labeled a dissident by her own people. Finally, she was killed by Aspen Matthews...
Now, Kiani has returned--and she's pissed!
The neutral truce between the Humans and the Blue has taken an emotional toll on the inhabitants under the surface-and their future as a unified body remains uncertain. However, all bets are off as Kiani's true power and capabilities-as well as shocking secrets from the past-- are revealed!
The long sold out Kiani volume 2 series is collected in its entirety, including a comprehensive cover gallery, concept art, and a whole lot more. Don't miss out on the Fathom: Kiani - Blade of Fury TPB! 128 PGS.

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