Visioncomix- Pre-Orders & Monthly Subscriptions

We offer custom pre-orders for any products in the monthly Previews magazine.

Our current technology limits the amount of products we can quickly update and offer on our site. However, we can custom order any item, whether it is comics, trade paperbacks, statues, toys, apparel, etc. for you at 20% to 25% off. Simply contact us and let us know the item you are looking for, and we will quickly let you know the discount price and availability.

Visioncomix can also supply your ongoing monthly collecting needs with our amazingly low-tech subscription service with all products 20% to 25% off.

To subscribe simply download the the current Catalog Excel order form:

then fill out the sheet with the items for your current month subscription and return via email by the cutoff date listed in the order form. We will then send you a summary of your order and a monthly Invoice for all your subscription items.

This order form is organized with Dark Horse, D.C., Image and Marvel new books prioritized at the top of the sheet. The Subscription form follows the page layout and order of the Diamond Previews magazine. For easiest ordering, use the Previews magazine and search by Previews page number or search using (CTRL+F) in the subscription file to find the titles you are looking for.

To make the best use of the full range of products, we recommend you include a copy of Previews with your order.

If you have any questions or difficulty with our subscription form, please contact us so we can improve the service!