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Pages: 1 - 2
Archer & Armstrong TPB Volume 1
Written by Fred Van Lente; Art by Clayton Henry; Cover by Mico Suayan
It's history in the breaking! After years of meditation and training, 18-year-old Obadiah Archer has been
dispatched to New York City to carry out the sacred mission of his family's sect - locate and kill the
fun-loving, hard-drinking immortal known as Armstrong! But as this naive teenage assassin stalks his
prey, he'll soon find that both hunter and hunted are just pawns in a centuries-old conspiracy that
stretches from the catacombs beneath Wall Street to the heights of the Himalayas. And Archer &
Armstrong will have to work together if the future is to stand any chance of surviving the past's greatest
From the New York Times best-selling creative team of writer Fred Van Lente (Marvel Zombies) and
Clayton Henry (Incredible Herc), this volume collects ARCHER & ARMSTRONG #1-4! 112 PGS.

Retail Price: $9.99
Our Price: $8.44 (You Save $1.50)
Archer & Armstrong TPB Volume 2: Wrath of the Eternal Warrrior
Written by Fred Van Lente; Art & Cover by Emanuela Lupacchino
No one in the Valiant Universe is more dangerous or more experienced in the art of war than the undying
Eternal Warrior. After thousands of years on the battlefield, he’s a master of strategy and weaponry, an
unrelenting force of nature capable of dismantling entire armies with little effort and less conscience. His
brother Armstrong, on the other hand, likes to read poetry and drink beer. Maybe that’s why they had such
a bad falling out? But now – after years apart – the Eternal Warrior has a new mission: destroy young
Obadiah Archer, Armstrong’s best-est new buddy and teammate in the war against The Sect. And, like it
or not, Valiant’s history-smashing adventure duo are about to feel the brunt of the Eternal Warrior’s fist
and steel.
Collecting ARCHER & ARMSTRONG #5-9 by New York Times best-selling author Fred Van Lente
(Amazing Spider-Man) and critically acclaimed artist Emanuela Lupacchino (X-Factor), the second
volume of the series that IGN calls "hilarious and action packed" slams into high gear with a savage
manhunt straight through the heart of the Valiant Universe. 128 PGS.

Retail Price: $14.99
Our Price: $12.74 (You Save $2.25)
Archer & Armstrong TPB Volume 3: Far Far Away
Written by Robert Venditti; Art by Lee Garbett; Cover Art by Clayton Crain
To this king...a kingdom. With his nation state of Dacia fortified in eastern Romania, X-O Manowar has
bent the world to his will. But he will not stand unopposed. With the assembled forces of the United
Nations and NATO primed to assail the newly founded homeland of the Visigoth people, the man inside
the indestructible Manowar armor is about find himself more vulnerable than ever - and with everything
he holds dear on the threshold of a terrible turning point for the Valiant Universe... Collecting X-O
MANOWAR #15-18 and featuring X-O Manowar's first explosive confrontation with the Eternal Warrior,
start reading here as New York Times best-selling writer Robert Venditti (Green Lantern) and acclaimed
artist Lee Garbett (Batman R.I.P.) launch a bold new era for the series that SuperHeroHype calls "a must
read." 112 PGS.

Retail Price: $14.99
Our Price: $12.74 (You Save $2.25)
Archer & Armstrong TPB Volume 4: Sect Civil War
Written by Fred Van Lente; Art by Khari Evans, ChrisCross; Cover Art by Clayton Henry
Every enemy. Against each other. For centuries, the cloak-and-dagger coalition of conspiracies
collectively known as The Sect has worked together to bring silent oppression and undercover tyranny to
a world that thought it was free. But, now after centuries of profit sharing and uneasy alliances, the
factions of The Sect are about to erupt into open conflict...and the only men that can end the insanity are
Archer & Armstrong! Too bad they're fighting for different sides! Why? How? And will either survive? The
knockdown, drag-out A&A event of the year starts now - and no conspirator is safe!
Collecting ARCHER & ARMSTRONG #14-17 by New York Times best-selling writer Fred Van Lente
(Incredible Hercules) and acclaimed artists Khari Evans (Harbinger) and ChrisCross
(Superman/Batman), jump into the series that IGN calls "a must read" with an all-new adventure pitching
Archer & Armstrong into their biggest battle yet! 112 PGS.

Retail Price: $14.99
Our Price: $12.74 (You Save $2.25)
Archer & Armstrong TPB Volume 5: Mission Improbable
Written by Fred Van Lente, Christos Gage, Joshua Dysart; Art by Pere Perez, Tom Raney; Cover byTom
Archer & Armstrong are going to war with Bloodshot and H.A.R.D Corps! (GULP!)
That’s right, Valiant’s globe-trotting adventure duo have been targeted for elimination by Project Rising
Spirit’s most elite kill crew. Their mission? Assassinate the the newly appointed leader of a homegrown
fundamentalist terror sect named…Obadiah Archer?! And if they could take out his mentally ill, alcoholic
bodyguard who just happens to think he’s a 10,000-year-old immortal, that’d be swell, too!
It’s an improbable mission with impossible odds. Do Bloodshot and the steely killers of the H.A.R.D.
Corps stand a chance against two conspiracy-smashing heroes that never go down without a fight? Find
out right here with the complete collection of the mayhem-soaked "Mission: Improbable" crossover,
AND H.A.R.D. CORPS #20-21 by acclaimed writers Fred Van Lente, Christos Gage and Joshua Dysart,
and all-star artists Pere Pérez and Tom Raney! 128 PGS.

Retail Price: $14.99
Our Price: $12.74 (You Save $2.25)
Archer & Armstrong TPB Volume 6: American Wasteland
Written by Fred Van Lente; Art by Pere Perez; Cover by Michael Walsh
LIVING IT UP AT THE HOTEL CALIFORNIA! His whole life, Obadiah Archer has been lied to about his
true heritage - but when he and his pal Armstrong arrive in L.A. to meet his real parents, they find them in
the clutches of the Church of Retrology! What insidious plans does The Lizard King, the head of the
favored religion of the Left Coast's rich and famous, have for the Valiant Universe's premier conspiracy
busters? And what lurks in the Hollywood Hotel? (Hint: You can check in anytime you like, but you can
never leave!)
Collecting ARCHER & ARMSTRONG #20-23, start reading here to discover the truth behind dead
celebrities and the sacred mysteries at the heart of rock 'n' roll as New York Times best-selling writer
Fred Van Lente and red-hot artist Pere Pérez unleash an all-new history mystery on Valiant's foremost
conspiracy-smashers! 112 PGS.

Retail Price: $14.99
Our Price: $12.74 (You Save $2.25)
Archer & Armstrong TPB Volume 7: The One Percent and Other Tales
Written by Fred Van Lente, Ray Fawkes, Karl Bollers, John Layman, Justin Jordan, Joey Esposito, Donny
Cates, Eliot Rahal; Art by Clayton Henry, Joe Eisma, Ramon Villalobos, Andy Kuhn, Rafer Roberts, Juan
Doe, Khari Evans, Barry Kitson; Cover Art by Pere Perez
Secrets! Shenanigans! A spectacular for the ages! Someone call the fire marshal because Valiant's all-
star celebration for Archer & Armstrong is about to get out of control! Red-hot creators Fred Van Lente
(IVAR, TIMEWALKER), Ray Fawkes (Batman: Eternal), John Layman (Chew), Karl Bollers (Watson and
Holmes), Clayton Henry (HARBINGER), Joe Eisma (Morning Glories) and a jam-packed roster of special
guests are throwing a gigantic finale for Valiant's conspiracy-busting, history-smashing swashbucklers
– and they've brought along a heap of all-new tales to kick this hullabaloo into high gear!
Featuring the true story of Armstrong's first drink, the secret origin of Mary-Maria, the debut of a brand
new breed of villain for the Valiant Universe, and much more, this very special volume collects ARCHER
& ARMSTRONG #24, ARCHER & ARMSTRONG: THE ONE PERCENT #1, and stories from the oversized
ARCHER & ARMSTRONG #25 anniversary spectacular, alongside the never-before-seen ARCHER &
ARMSTRONG #0: DIRECTOR'S CUT! Don't miss this one-of-a-kind look inside the script, art, and
character designs of Archer & Armstrong's acclaimed origin issue! 112 PGS.
Special Order, Ships in 1-2 Weeks

Retail Price: $14.99
Our Price: $12.74 (You Save $2.25)
Archer & Armstrong Complete Classic Omnibus Hardcover
Written by Barry Windsor-Smith, Bob Layton, Jim Shooter, Mike Baron; Art by Barry Windsor-Smith, Mike
Vosburg; Cover by Barry Windsor-Smith
Following in the footsteps of the X-O MANOWAR CLASSIC OMNIBUS VOLUME 1, it’s the complete,
oversized omnibus collection of the series Ain’t It Cool News calls “the best buddy team book of all time.”
Obadiah Archer, left for dead as a boy by his corrupt evangelist parents, has spent the last decade
honing his innate abilities in a monastery deep in the mountains of Ladakh before emerging now as the
world's greatest hand-to-hand fighter and marksman. His body a temple, his every movement in
harmony and his mind perfectly serene… except for the overriding desire to avenge his own murder.
Armstrong is a 10,000-year-old libertine who may be as strong as a battalion, but abandoned idealism
millennia ago. Now he spends his days drinking, carousing and telling tales of outrageous adventures
throughout history to anyone who will listen – that is, when he's not on the run from an ancient cult
whose bumbling agents have been hunting him for two thousand years. But Armstrong counts as the
worst day of all his days the one when Archer turned up and decided that they were partners – a team
chosen by fate to save the world!
Featuring work from iconic Valiant creators Barry Windsor-Smith (Conan, Weapon X), Jim Shooter
(Secret Wars), Bob Layton (Iron Man), Mike Baron (Nexus), and more, the groundbreaking adventures of
the original conspiracy-smashing duo are brought together in their entirety for the very first time right here
in this massive, oversized volume. Collecting ARCHER & ARMSTRONG (1992) #0–26 and ETERNAL
Special Order, Ships in 1-2 Weeks

Retail Price: $99.99
Our Price: $84.99 (You Save $15.00 Plus FREE SHIPPING!)
Armor Hunters TPB Volume 1
Written by Robert Venditti: Art by Doug Braithwaite, CAFU; Cover by Jorge Molina
EARTH WILL BE THE GREATEST HUNT OF ALL! When Aric of Dacia returned to Earth with the stolen X-
O Manowar armor of an alien race, he thought he’d finally found a weapon to guard the peace and
kingdom he’d struggled so long to secure. But now, a relentless and surgical strike team from the
farthest reaches of space — sworn to exterminate the armor and all like it — have found their final target.
The ARMOR HUNTERS are coming. They will hunt. They will trap. They will kill. And they will rid the
universe of the X-O Manowar armor’s incalculable destructive power… even if it means taking the Earth
with it. In the tradition of the universe-shaking HARBINGER WARS, be here when New York Times best-
selling writer Robert Venditti (X-O Manowar, Green Lantern) and superstar artist Doug Braithwaite (Unity,
Justice) launch Valiant’s biggest heroes into the year’s blockbuster crossover event — ARMOR

Retail Price: $14.99
Our Price: $12.74 (You Save $2.25)
Armor Hunters TPB: Bloodshot
Written by Joe Harris, Matt Kindt; Art by Trevor Hairsine, ChrisCross; Cover by Philip Tan
The hunters become the hunted! With the major capitals of Earth under siege by the Armor Hunters, the
world’s most dangerous weapon has decided to come in from the cold — and into the service of the top-
secret Military Extraterrestrial Reconnaissance Outpost (M.E.R.O.)! But when one of the Armor Hunters’
own stages an extraterrestrial jailbreak inside of M.E.R.O.’s fortified command center, the nanite-
enhanced commando known as Bloodshot will become the last thing standing between the galaxy’s
most feared team of hunter-killers and a classified arsenal of secret weapons far too deadly for human
From fan favorite writer Joe Harris (Great Pacific, The X-Files: Season 10) and superstar artist Trevor
Hairsine (X-Men: Deadly Genesis), start reading here as Project Rising Spirit’s most dangerous soldier
brings the hunt to the hunters! Collecting Armor Hunters: Bloodshot #1–3, alongside the never-before-
revealed origin of Bloodshot from Bloodshot #0. 112 PGS.

Retail Price: $14.99
Our Price: $12.74 (You Save $2.25)
Armor Hunters TPB: Harbinger
Written by Joshua Dysart; Art by Robert Gill, Clayton Henry; Cover by Lewis LaRosa
Under siege and out of control! The Harbinger Renegades are still reeling from a tragic death in their
ranks, but in the face of monumental destruction they’ll find unlikely allies in a fellow group of super-
powerful teenagers. But is Generation Zero here to help…or are they just looking out for themselves?
Join New York Times best-selling writer Joshua Dysart (Harbinger) and rising star Robert Gill (Batgirl)
as the breakout stars of last summer’s HARBINGER WARS — the volatile psiot strike force known as
Generation Zero — step out of the shadows and into the crosshairs of a devastating extraterrestrial
attack! Collecting ARMOR HUNTERS: HARBINGER #1–3, plus the landmark first appearance of
Generation Zero from HARBINGER WARS #1. 112 PGS.

Retail Price: $14.99
Our Price: $12.74 (You Save $2.25)
Bloodshot TPB Volume 1: Setting the World on Fire
Written by Duane Swierczynski; Art by Manuel Garcia, Arturo Lozzi; Cover by Arturo Lozzi
Every mission is a suicide mission.
Your name is Angelo Mortalli. Your brother is trapped behind enemy lines and on the verge of — no. That’
s not right. Your name is Raymond Garrison. You’ve retired from the dangers of the field, but a desperate
plea from your oldest friend plunges you into a vicious firefight that — no. That’s not right, either. You are
Bloodshot. You are the shade of gray that freedom requires. The perfect confluence of military necessity
and cutting-edge technology. A walking WikiLeaks. A reservoir of dirty secrets that could set the world on
fire. And you’ve just been captured.
Collecting BLOODSHOT #1-4 (2012) by best-selling writer Duane Swierczynski and acclaimed artists
Manuel Garcia & Arturo Lozzi, find out why this is the series that has IGN proclaiming “Valiant is quickly
becoming the publisher to beat.” 128 PGS.

Retail Price: $9.99
Our Price: $8.49 (You Save $1.50)
Bloodshot TPB Volume 2: The Rise and Fall
Written by Duane Swierczynski; Art by Manuel Garcia, Arturo Lozzi, Matthew Clark; Cover by Arturo Lozzi
Assault on Project Rising Spirit! Bloodshot is finally free of the memories that have haunted him since
his awakening – but now even greater mysteries remain. Who was he before he was transformed into a
walking weapon of mass destruction? And does he have a real family out there somewhere?
Unfortunately, the only man with the answers is the former mastermind of Project Rising Spirit, the quasi-
governmental science division that created him – and he’s just struck a devil’s bargain with Bloodshot.
“Destroy your creators and I’ll reveal everything.” Well, almost everything…
Collecting BLOODSHOT #5-9 by acclaimed writer Duane Swierczynski (Birds of Prey) and artists Manuel
Garcia (Black Widow), Arturo Lozzi (Immortal Weapons), and Matthew Clark (Avenging Spider-Man),
Bloodshot's brutal, bullet-riddled tour of duty through the Valiant Universe continues right here in the
second shock-inducing volume of the series that Complex calls "hard and heavy with each issue." 128

Retail Price: $14.99
Our Price: $12.74 (You Save $2.25)
Bloodshot TPB Volume 3: Harbinger Wars
Written by Duane Swierczynski; Art by Barry Kitson; Cover by Mico Suayan
In the deserts outside Las Vegas, Bloodshot has banded together with Project Rising Spirit's most
dangerous escapees. But when the Harbinger Wars erupt all around them, can he shape these
super-powered children into a force for good - or are they too far gone? He'll have to find out the hard way
as the opposing forces of PRS and the Harbinger Foundation descend on all sides, bringing about a
crucible the likes of which the Valiant Universe has never seen...
Collecting BLOODSHOT #10-13 by acclaimed writer Duane Swierczysnki (Birds of Prey) and legendary
artist Barry Kitson (Amazing Spider-Man), jump headlong into the uncompromising action of Valiant's
first crossover event right here with an all-new standalone story arc that will redefine the weapon - no, the
soldier - no, the hero known only as Bloodshot.
"The best big action book on the shelves..." - Comic Book Resources
"Month after month, Bloodshot continues to be the most brutal superhero book on the stands." - IGN. 112

Retail Price: $14.99
Our Price: $12.74 (You Save $2.25)
Bloodshot TPB Volume 4: Hard Corps
Written by Christos N. Gage & Various; Art by Emanuela Lupacchino, ChrisCross; Cover  Art by J. G.
Every mission...is someone's last.
Out of the ashes of Harbinger Wars, Bloodshot is about to join the weaponized men and women of the
HARBINGER ACTIVE RESISTANCE DIVISION - the black budget, technologically-augmented strike force
where the powers are dangerously unstable and every mission is a one-way ticket into the meat grinder.
With a reluctant leader calling the shots and a new crop of untested rookies manning the frontline,
Bloodshot is about to take H.A.R.D. Corps behind enemy lines - and into a gasoline-drenched,
synapsesnapping suicide run where no one is safe...and heroes always die trying.
Collecting BLOODSHOT AND H.A.R.D. CORPS #14-17 and BLOODSHOT #0, join acclaimed writers
Christos Gage (Avengers Academy) and Joshua Dysart (Harbinger Wars) and superstar-in-the-making
Emanuela Lupacchino (Archer & Armstrong) right here to light the fuse on an explosive new chapter for
Bloodshot and the Valiant Universe's most feared team of superhuman operatives! 128 PGS.

Retail Price: $14.99
Our Price: $12.74 (You Save $2.25)
Bloodshot TPB Volume 5: Get Some!
Written by Christos Gage, Joshua Dysart, and Duffy Boudreau; Art by Bart Sears, ChrisCross, Al
Barrionuevo; Cover by Lewis LaRosa
'90s tech. Bad attitudes. No wifi. It's Valiant’s 21st-century shock troops – head-to-head against Project
Rising Spirit's first wave of superhuman specialists!
With a valuable oil pipeline in dire peril, Bloodshot and the expendable commandos of H.A.R.D. Corps
are headed to Africa to bring down a network of terrorist saboteurs. But as Bloodshot digs into the
multinational oil conglomerate he’s been brought in to protect, he’ll soon find himself confronted by the
complex truth behind the terror – and up close and personal with an older, scrappier, more grizzled
generation of wet-wired soldier from the glory days of proxy wars and state-sponsored assassination.
CORPS #0, and BLOODSHOT AND H.A.R.D. CORPS #22-23, don't miss a single shot fired as
acclaimed creators Christos Gage (Superior Spider-Man), Joshua Dysart (Harbinger Wars) and Duffy
Boudreau (BlackAcre) partner with an all-star cast of top talents – including Bart Sears (X-O Manowar),
ChrisCross (Superman/Batman) and Al Barrionuevo (The Authority)  – for a brutal, globe-spanning
cavalcade of missions from the classified archives of Project Rising Sprit and beyond. 116 PGS.

Retail Price: $14.99
Our Price: $12.74 (You Save $2.25)
Bloodshot TPB Volume 6: Glitch and Other Tales
A murderer’s row of comic talents – Peter Milligan (Hellblazer), Duane Swierczynski (Birds of Prey), B.
Clay Moore (JSA: The Liberty Files), Howard Chaykin (American Flagg), Lewis LaRosa (Punisher MAX),
Manuel Garcia (Black Widow), and many more – come together for a collection of stories from
throughout the bullet-riddled history of Valiant’s most brutal and relentless hero! Meet the man behind
Bloodshot – or is he? – when one soldier’s untapped killer instinct takes over in “The Glitch”! Then,
Russian superpies don’t die easy as “Sleepers” takes Bloodshot deep into the biting cold of a former
Soviet state and face to face with an enemy eerily similar to himself.
Plus: the origin of Bloodshot retold, Howard Chaykin’s “Protocol”, and much more!
Collecting BLOODSHOT #24, the oversized BLOODSHOT #25 anniversary extravaganza, and an
exclusive Director’s Cut of BLOODSHOT #1 – featuring a never-before-seen, behind-the-scenes look
inside the script, art, and character designs of the blockbuster first issue that set Bloodshot in motion!
112 PGS. Rated Teen +

Retail Price: $14.99
Our Price: $12.74 (You Save $2.25)
Bloodshot Reborn TPB Volume 1: Colorado
Written by Jeff Lemire; Art by Mico Suayan, Jeff Lemire, Raul Allen; Cover by Mico Suayan
New York Times best-selling writer Jeff Lemire (THE VALIANT, Descender) and red-hot rising star Mico
Suayan (HARBINGER, Moon Knight) deliver an all-new ongoing series for Valiant’s most unrelenting
hero! Bloodshot’s nanites made him a nearly unstoppable killing machine. His enhanced strength,
speed, endurance, and healing made him the perfect weapon, and he served his masters at Project
Rising Spirit — a private contractor trafficking in violence — very well. Now, Bloodshot is a shadow of his
former self. He lives in self-imposed exile, reeling from the consequences of his past life and the recent
events that nearly drove him mad. But when a rash of shootings by gunmen who appear to look just like
Bloodshot begin, his guilt will send him on a mission to stop the killers, even if it means diving head-
long into the violence that nearly destroyed him.
Start reading here as visionary creators Jeff Lemire and Mico Suayan kick-off a brand-new beginning for
the cutting-edge commando called Bloodshot...and plunge him to his darkest, bloodiest, most mind-
bending depths yet. Collecting BLOODSHOT REBORN #1–5. 144 PGS.

Retail Price: $9.99
Our Price: $8.49 (You Save $1.50)
Bloodshot Reborn TPB Volume 2: The Hunt
“THE HUNT” IS ON! Bloodshot is on the hunt. Determined to stop the violent reign of terror that plagues
Colorado,Bloodshot journeys across the Rocky Mountains to destroy the remaining nanites that have
caused mass murderers to spring up across the state. But will the drugs, booze, and insane visions
rattling around his head put an end to his journey before it begins?
Start reading here as New York Times best-selling writer Jeff Lemire (THE VALIANT, Descender) and
Eisner Award-nominated artist Butch Guice (NINJAK, The Winter Soldier) begin the second staggering
story arc of the chart-topping new series that Entertainment Weekly calls “a subversive new take on
Valiant’s resident unkillable killing machine.” Collecting BLOODSHOT REBORN #6-9. 112 PGS.
Special Order, Ships in 1-2 Weeks

Retail Price: $14.99
Our Price: $12.74 (You Save $2.25)
Bloodshot Reborn TPB Volume 3: Analog Man
Written by JEFF LEMIRE; Art & Cover by LEWIS LAROSA
Many years from now, Los Angeles has become a post-apocalyptic wasteland and the once
unstoppable killing machine known as BLOODSHOT has become THE ANALOG MAN. Bloodshot’s
taken on a new role as the protector of a small town, eking out a subsistence existence with the great
love of his life – Magic – and protecting a group of stragglers who’ve weathered the storm. But when a
gang of marauders arrives, the settlement’s survival is threatened, and Bloodshot is forced to bring
justice to the distorted and disjointed badlands of the Valiant Universe! New York Times best-selling
writer Jeff Lemire (Extraordinary X-Men) and artist extraordinaire Lewis LaRosa (The Punisher) bring
down the hammer on a metal tearing vision of the future that must be seen to be believed! Collecting
Release Date July 2016

Retail Price: $14.99
Our Price: $12.74 (You Save $2.25)
Book of Death TPB
Written by Robert Venditti; Art by Doug Braithwaite, Robert Gill; Cover by Robert Gill
The Valiant heroes. X-O Manowar. Bloodshot. Ninjak. The Harbinger Renegades. Unity. This is how they
lived. This is how they died.
Now we know. The Book of the Geomancer has recorded it all. But only a young girl - the last in a line of
the enigmatic mystics who protect the Earth known as Geomancers - has seen this future come to pass,
from the coming cataclysm to the dawn of the 41st century. Alone with her sworn protector, the Eternal
Warrior - a soldier battle-forged across five thousand years of combat - the duo must defy their allies to
stop the Dark Age that now threatens to eclipse our world.
Together, they are the number one target of every hero and villain on Earth. Either the Eternal Warrior
hands her over...or they take him down. But can even he single-handedly protect one child when the
entire Valiant Universe wages war against him? Collecting BOOK OF DEATH #1-4. 160 PGS.
Special Order, Ships in 1-2 Weeks

Retail Price: 14.99
Our Price: $12.74 (You Save $3.25)
Book of Death TPB: Fall of the Valiant Universe
Written by Robert Venditti, Jeff Lemire, Matt Kindt, Joshua Dysart; Art by Doug Braithwaite, Trevor
Hairsine, Kano, Clayton Henry; Cover by Cary Nord
So let it be written, so let it be done...
The dawn of the new Dark Age foretold in BOOK OF DEATH continues right here with a glimpse into the
future of the Valiant Universe in four visionary tales of present and future ripped directly from the pages of
the Book of the Geomancer! An all-star cast of creators come aboard the year's monumental comics
event to chronicle the ultimate fate of Valiant's most indelible heroes. From the modern day to the far
future, the destinies of Bloodshot, Ninjak, the Harbinger Renegades, X-O Manowar, and more will stand
revealed in these four essential, standalone chapters at the epicenter of the blockbuster Valiant event of
the year.
MANOWAR #1. 112 PGS.112 PGS.
Special Order, Ships in 1-2 Weeks

Retail Price: 14.99
Our Price: $12.74 (You Save $3.25)
Dead Drop TPB
Written by Ales Kot; Art by Adam Gorham; Cover by Raul Allen
There is a secret black market in New York. It is hidden in plain sight – in our streets, trains, and
restaurants. Those who know how to navigate it exchange secrets of extraordinary nature. But when the
secret in circulation is a biological weapon derived from Vine technology, the gloves are off – and the
most extraordinary agents are released to stop the disaster before it occurs. Otherwise, in less than
thirty minutes, there will be no world to come back to. X-O Manowar, Archer, Neville Alcott, Detective
Cejudo and Betamax are ready to save the world.
Red-hot writer Ales Kot (Bucky Barnes: The Winter Soldier) and rising star Adam Gorham (Zero) go in
deep with an unlikely cast of superhuman operators for an undercover conspiracy action thriller in the
darkest corners of the Valiant Universe. Collecting DEAD DROP #1–4. 112 PGS.

Retail Price: $9.99
Our Price: $8.49 (You Save $1.50)
Death Defying Dr Mirage TPB Volume 1
Death was just the beginning... Doctor Mirage talks to the dead...but the only spirit Shan Fong can’t find
is that of her late husband, Hwen. Instead, America’s favorite semi-retired paranormal investigator is
haunted and raw, using her gift to solve homicides and bring peace to the recently bereaved. But when a
big-time occultist with a classified military past hires her for a special job, Shan discovers a lead that
might close the greatest mystery she’s ever tackled – how to get Hwen back! Now, Doctor Mirage must
enter the undiscovered country and cross all the realms of the underworld if she has any hope of
rescuing the man she loves...or be forever lost beyond the earthly plane.
Join Eisner Award-nominated writer Jen Van Meter (Hopeless Savages, Captain Marvel) and acclaimed
artist Roberto de la Torre (Daredevil, Age of Apocalypse) as Valiant's occult adventurer embarks on a
journey across the realms of the dead to bring her love back to the land of the living. Collecting THE
DEATH-DEFYING DR. MIRAGE #1–5. 128 PGS. Rated Teen +
Special Order, Ships in 1-2 Weeks

Retail Price: $9.99
Our Price: $8.49 (You Save $1.50)
Death Defying Dr Mirage TPB Volume 2: Second Lives
Wriitten by Van Meter; Art by Roberto de la Torre, Diego Bernard; Cover by Jelena Kevic-Djurdjevic
In time, even the dead may die...
Occult investigators Shan and Hwen Mirage lived their lives in the thrall of an epic love that few will ever
have...until Hwen died tragically before his time. Now, after a perilous trip through the underworld, Shan
and Hwen are reunited...but Hwen is still an intangible spirit of the dead - incapable of opening a
spellbook or even touching his wife.
Their options exhausted, the death-defying Doctors Mirage are about to enact a dangerous spell to
restore Hwen's solid form...and grant his ghost a second life. But, in the wrong hands, their ancient rite
will become a tool of terror - and unleash a force of pure, homicidal evil that lusts for the murder of the
living and the dead alike... a torturous death that obliterates not just everything a person ever had in this
world, but everything their ghost will be in the next!
After multiple 2015 Harvey Award nominations, the most sought-after couple in comics returns with an
all-new adventure from Eisner Award-nominated writer Jen Van Meter (Hopeless Savages) and
acclaimed artist Roberto de la Torre (Daredevil)! Collecting THE DEATH-DEFYING DOCTOR MIRAGE:
Special Order, Ships in 1-2 Weeks

Retail Price: $14.99
Our Price: $12.74 (You Save $2.25)
Delinquents TPB
Written by Jim Shooter; Ar & Cover by David Lapham
Peter Stanchek and his band of teenage runaways are harbingers of a new age, born with the power to
change the world... or break it. Plagued by emerging psionic powers he hardly understands, Peter turns
to Toyo Harada and his Harbinger Foundation, an organization dedicated to finding and teaching young
people like Peter. But when Peter learns to what lengths Harada will go to further his secret agenda, he
turns on his mentor, gathering a group of like-minded rebels. On the road and always just one step
ahead of Harada and his hit-squad of super powered Eggbreakers, these renegade harbingers will
have to learn how to use their powers to change the world for the better along the way.
This deluxe hardcover collects the critically acclaimed masterpiece that kicked off a whole new age of
superheroes from legendary creators Jim Shooter (Secret Wars) and David Lapham (Stray Bullets).
Collecting Harbinger (1992) #0–7 in a deluxe hardcover format, complete with process art, sketches,
and more rarely seen back-up material from the Valiant vault. 200 PGS.
Special Order, Ships in 1-2 Weeks

Retail Price: $14.99
Our Price: $12.74 (You Save $2.25)
Divinity TPB
Writen by Matt Kindt; Art by Trevor Hairsine; Cover by Jelena Kevic-Djurdjevic
From New York Times best-selling writer Matt Kindt (THE VALIANT, Mind MGMT) and blockbuster artist
Trevor Hairsine (X-Men: Deadly Genesis) comes a shocking new vision of 21st century science fiction!
At the height of the Cold War, the Soviet Union – determined to win the Space
Race at any cost – green lit a dangerously advanced mission. They sent a man farther into the cosmos
than anyone has gone before or since. Lost in the stars, he encountered something unknown.
Something that...changed him. Long thought lost and erased from the history books, he has suddenly
returned, crash-landing in the Australian Outback. The few that have been able to reach him believe him
to be a deity – one who turned the scorched desert into a lush oasis. They say he can bend matter,
space, and even time to his will. Now the rest of the world’s powers must decide for themselves – will
the enigmatic Divinity offer his hand in friendship, or will Earth’s heroes fi nd themselves helpless
against the wrath of the divine? Collecting DIVINITY #1–4. 112 PGS.

Retail Price: $9.99
Our Price: $7.99 (You Save $2.00)
Eternal Warrior TPB Volume 1: Sword of the Wild
Written by Greg Pak; Art by Trevor Hairsine, Clayton Crain; Cover by Clayton Crain
Soldier. Guardian. Warrior. Legend.
Across ten millennia and a thousand battlefields, Gilad Anni-Padda has traversed the darkest, most
mysterious corners of history. But the horror and bloodshed of constant warfare has finally taken its toll
on the man myth calls the Eternal Warrior...and he has abdicated his duties as the Fist and the Steel of
Earth for a quiet life of seclusion. But when a blood vendetta from the distant past suddenly reappears in
the modern day, he must decide if he will return to the ways of war...for the child who betrayed him
thousands of years ago...
From New York Times best-selling writer Greg Pak (Planet Hulk) and superstar artists Trevor Hairsine
(X-Men: Deadly Genesis) and Clayton Crain (Carnage), this volume collects the first four issues of the
series that Comic Vine calls "action-packed, well-written, and overfl owing with potential." 112 PGS.

Retail Price: $9.99
Our Price: $8.44 (You Save $1.50)
Eternal Warrior TPB Volume 2: Eternal Emperor
Written by Greg Pak; Art by Robert Gill; Cover by Clayton Crain
Long live the Eternal Emperor! Two thousand years from today, the planet has been transformed by
science, technology…and war. The centuries have not been kind to the Earth’s own undying warrior, but
a battle that could change everything is only just beginning for the Eternal Emperor and the tattered
remnant of humanity under his protection. Will this be a new dawn for the age of heroes – or its death
knell? And what uncanny confluence of science, myth, and magic has rendered the world – and its own
Eternal Warrior – into war-ravaged remnants of their former selves?
Collecting ETERNAL WARRIOR #5-8, the Fist and Steel’s battle continues right here as New York Times
best-selling writer Greg Pak (Batman/Superman) and rising star Robert Gill build a bridge to the year
4001... and unearth a brand-new era for the heroes of the Valiant Universe. 112 PGS.

Retail Price: $14.99
Our Price: $12.74 (You Save $2.25)
Eternal Warrior TPB: Days of Steel
From steel comes salvation! The Eternal Warrior…Gilad Anni-Padda, the Earth’s Fist and Steel…is
forever charged with guarding the Geomancer and securing the Earth’s safety. After completing another
brutal mission, the Earth’s undying guardian is approached with a cryptic task: find and save a baby — in
whose hands might rest the fate of an entire people! But the Eternal Warrior is no nursemaid...and, to
complicate matters, a thousand Magyar invaders want the baby dead. At the edge of civilization, can
history’s most expert killer keep one precious life alive?
Start reading here as master storyteller Peter Milligan (Hellblazer) and Eisner Award-winning artist Cary
Nord (X-O MANOWAR, Conan) chronicle the brutal and bloodied history of Valiant’s immortal champion
in an all-new tale of swords, savagery, and steel. Collecting ETERNAL WARRIOR: DAYS OF STEEL #1–
3. 104 PGS. Rated Teen +

Retail Price: $14.99
Our Price: $12.74 (You Save $2.25)
Faith TPB Volume 1: Hollywood & Vine
Valiant’s most-demanded hero steps out of HARBINGER…and into an all-new adventure! Orphaned at a
young age, Faith Herbert – a psionically gifted “psiot” discovered by the Harbinger Foundation - has
always aspired to greatness. But now this once ordinary teenager is taking control of her destiny and
becoming the hard-hitting hero she’s always known she can be - complete with a mild-mannered secret
identity, unsuspecting colleagues, and a day job as a reporter that routinely throws into her harms way!
Well, at least she thought it would… When she’s not typing up listicles about cat videos, Faith makes a
secret transformation to patrol the night as the City of Angels’ own leading superhero – the skysoaring
Rising star Jody Houser (Orphan Black) and explosive artists Francis Portela (Green Lantern) and
Marguerite Sauvage (DC Comics Bombshells) pilot a new chapter for the high-flying hero that People
Magazine calls “a superhero we can all admire.” Collecting FAITH (LIMITED SERIES) #1-4. 112 PGS.
Release Date July 2016

Retail Price: $
Our Price: $8.49 (You Save $1.50)
Harbinger TPB Volume 1: Omega Rising
Written by Joshua Dysart; Art by Khari Evans, Lewis LaRosa, Matthew Clark; Cover by Doug Braithwaite
Super-powered teenager Peter Stanchek is on a dangerous path. Skipping across the country in a
desperate attempt to stay one step ahead of the authorities, Peter is quickly realizing that he’s a
psionically-charged “harbinger” with the potential to reshape the course of human history. But Peter’s
plight has not gone unnoticed. Respected philanthropist and fellow harbinger, Toyo Harada is about to
offer Peter the chance at the things for which the boy has always longed — family, inner peace, self-
control —and induct him into the sprawling, secret network of conspiracy and subversion known as the
Harbinger Foundation. Now Peter begins his long road towards a destiny that will shake the very
foundations of the Valiant Universe. His first lesson? All power comes with a price. Collecting the first
five issues of the critically acclaimed series by New York Times best-selling author Joshua Dysart
(Unknown Soldier), acclaimed artists Khari Evans (Carbon Grey) and Lewis Larosa (PunisherMAX), this
is the perfect place to catch up with the series that Comic Book Resources calls “superheroes at its
best”. 128 PGS.

Retail Price: $14.99
Our Price: $12.74 (You Save $2.25)
Harbinger TPB Volume 2: Renegades
Written by Joshua Dysart; Art by Phil Briones, Matthew Clark, Khari Evans, Lee Garbett, Barry Kitson, Pere
Perez; Cover by Mico Suayan
Outside the law. Inside your head. Welcome to the Renegades. Battered and broken after his escape
from the Harbinger Foundation, telekinetic teenager Peter Stanchek only has one option left – run. But he
won’t have to go it alone. Crisscrossing America with the only two people he can trust, Peter will have to
activate a new team of super-powered recruits before Toyo Harada and his Harbinger shock troops can
reach them first. Peter Stanchek. Zephyr. Kris. Flamingo. You’ve never met a team of super-powered
teenagers quite like the Renegades. And, together, they’ll dismantle Harada’s global empire one brick at
a time.
Collecting HARBINGER #6-10 by New York Times best-selling author Joshua Dysart and an all-star cast
of comics’ top artistic talents, get ready for the second stunning volume of the series Ain't It Cool News
calls "simply astonishing." 128 PGS.

Retail Price: $14.99
Our Price: $12.74 (You Save $2.25)
Harbinger TPB Volume 3: Harbinger Wars
Written by Joshua Dysart; Art by Khari Evans, Trevor Hairsine, Mico Suayan, Pere Perez; Cover by Khari
Before the Harbinger Foundation, before Project Rising Spirit, Toyo Harada spent decades circling the
globe, recruiting empowered individuals to his cause through coercion, intimidation and influence. But
how is one deal brokered in secret between Harada and Rising Sprit Securities forty years ago now
wreaking havoc in the modern day? And when the past comes roaring back, how will Peter Stanchek and
the rest of Harada’s most wanted react to the revelation of Rising Spirit’s secret mission and the
Harbinger hunter known as Bloodshot? Collecting HARBINGER #11-14 and HARBINGER #0, join New
York Times best-selling writer Joshua Dysart (Unknown Soldier) and acclaimed artists Khari Evans
(Carbon Grey), Trevor Hairsine (X-Men: Deadly Genesis), Mico Suayan (The Punisher), and Pere Perez
(Smallville Season 11) for a complete standalone tale of the dark foundations behind Valiant's first
crossover event. 186 PGS.

Retail Price: $14.99
Our Price: $12.74 (You Save $2.25)
Harbinger TPB Volume 4: Perfect Day
Written by Joshua Dysart; Art by Barry Kitson, Clayton Henry; Cover Art by Barry Kitson
Nightmares are just dreams too. It's been a brutal few months for Peter Stanchek and the Renegades,
culminating in the harrowing events - and losses - of the Harbinger Wars. But now the members of the
team have woken up to the Best. Day. Ever. As Lou Reed sang, it's just a perfect day, problems left all
alone. But for Peter Stanchek - a kid who deserves a good day - something seems off...like all is not
what it seems...
Collecting HARBINGER #15-19 by New York Times best-selling writer Joshua Dysart (Harbinger Wars)
and all-star artists Barry Kitson (Amazing Spider-Man) and Clayton Henry (Archer & Armstrong), start
reading here with the mind-bending story arc that Comic Vine calls "an excellent jumping-on point." 128

Retail Price: $14.99
Our Price: $12.74 (You Save $2.25)
Harbinger TPB Volume 5: Death of a Renegade
Written by Joshua Dysart; Art by Clayton Henry, Khari Evans; Cover by Mico Suayan
The Renegades thought they could get their old lives back. They thought they could bring down Toyo
Harada and the Harbinger Foundation. They were wrong. And now one of them will die. Once again,
Peter Stanchek and the Renegades are on the run with the combined forces of the Harbinger
Foundation and Project Rising Spirit closing in on all sides. This time, however, the team’s newest
member, Ax, has left a trail of leaked classified information that could win the day — but also put the few
loved ones they have into dire peril. Collecting "Resistance" and "Death of a Renegade" from
HARBINGER #20-25, a Renegade will fall as New York Times best-selling creators Joshua Dysart and
Clayton Henry unleash a major milestone for Valiant's acclaimed teenage superteam. ? 104 PGS.

Retail Price: $14.99
Our Price: $12.74 (You Save $2.25)
Harbinger TPB Volume 6: Omegas
Written by Joshua Dysart; Art by Rafa Sandoval, Khari Evans, Stephen Segovia, Mico Suayan; Cover by
Lewis LaRosa
Cold war no more! Peter Stanchek. Toyo Harada. The two most destructive superpowers in the world —
literally — have come to a reckoning of will, and in the fallout of their cataclysmic con?ict, each will come
to grips with a world in which the other is free…and unchecked. Their former families, the Harbinger
Foundation and the Renegades, lie in shards around them. What will stop these men — either of them
— from reducing the world to ashes?
Jump on board the convention-defying series that the Onion/A.V. Club calls “the crown jewel of Valiant’s
line-up” as New York Times best-selling writer Joshua Dysart and red-hot artists Rafa Sandoval, Khari
Evans, Mico Suayan, and Stephen Segovia close the door on one generation of Harbinger
Renegades…and prepare the foundation for another. Collecting HARBINGER: OMEGAS #1–3 and

Retail Price: $14.99
Our Price: $12.74 (You Save $2.25)
Harbinger Wars TPB
Written by Joshua Dysart & Duane Swierczynski; Art by Clayton Henry, Clayton Crain, Pere Perez; Cover
by Clayton Crain
Harbinger Wars, Valiant’s first crossover event, begins here! Two dozen undisciplined, untested and
untrained superhuman children have just escaped from a top-secret research facility and into the world.
When Bloodshot, Toyo Harada and Peter Stanchek join the chase, will the Valiant Universe be ready for
its first all-out superhuman showdown? Collecting HARBINGER WARS #1-4 by acclaimed writers
Joshua Dysart (Harbinger) & Duane Swierczynski (Bloodshot) and artist Clayton Henry (Archer &
Armstrong), start reading here for a high-stakes tale that will put Valiant’s greatest heroes to the ultimate
test! 144 PGS.

Retail Price: $14.99
Our Price: $12.74 (You Save $2.25)
Imperium TPB Volume 1: Collecting Monsters
Written by Joshua Dysart; Art by Doug Braithwaite; Cover by Raul Allen
A psychic dictator, an inhuman robot, a mad scientist, a murderous alien, and a superpowered terrorist
are about to try and take over the world...and you’re going to be rooting for them every step of the way!
Toyo Harada is the most dangerous human being on the planet. Imbued with incredible powers of the
mind, he has spent his life guiding humanity from the shadows. But today he is a wanted man. His
powers are public knowledge, his allies have turned to enemies, and he is hunted by every government
on the planet. Instead of surrendering, Harada has one last unthinkable gambit to play: to achieve more,
faster, and with less, he will build a coalition of the powerful, the unscrupulous, and the insane. No
longer content to demand a better future, he will recruit a violent legion from the darkest corners of the
Earth to fight for it. The battle for utopia begins now! Start reading here as New York Times best-selling
creator Joshua Dysart – writer of the Harvey Award-nominated series HARBINGER – and superstar artist
Doug Braithwaite (UNITY, Justice) begin the daring new superhero saga of the year. Collecting
IMPERIUM #1–4. 112 PGS.

Retail Price: $9.99
Our Price: $8.49 (You Save $1.50)
Imperium TPB Volume 2: Broken Angels
Written  by Joshua Dysart; Art by Scot Eaton; Cover by Kano
Harada’s team of “BROKEN ANGELS” confront…DIVINITY! The telepathic mastermind. The alien
assassin. The mercenary super-soldier. The mad scientist. And the killer robot with a soul. Toyo Harada
has collected the monsters that will make his vision of world peace a reality. Now he pursues the most
difficult and desirable asset of all – the spaceman with all the powers of a god – the outcast who can
rewrite reality with a thought – the man who is no longer a man – the all-powerful being who is simply
called Divinity.
From New York Times best-selling writer Joshua Dysart (HARBINGER) and veteran artist Scot Eaton (X-
Men: Legacy, Battle Scars) Toyo Harada’s mission to shape the future of humanity – by any means
necessary – continues right here! Collecting IMPERIUM #5–8.
Special Order, Ships in 1-2 Weeks

Retail Price: $14.99
Our Price: $12.75 (You Save $2.25)
Imperium TPB Volume 3: Vine Operative
Written by Joshua Dysart; Art by CAFU, Juan Jose Ryp; Cover by Kano
Spy vs. superhuman as "THE VINE IMPERATIVE" boils over!
Toyo Harada's war to save humanity by taking over the world roars on against the only enemy this planet
cannot contain...a sinister network of undercover alien spies! A deadly chess game between Harada and
the alien visitors called the Vine has been unfolding for decades. The Vine once even created the living
weapon called LV-99 to assassinate their enemy, but failed. Today, as Harada executes his agenda
upon Earth - and with LV-99 on his side this time - the Vine's cold war finally turns infernally hot.
Jump on board the series that Bloody Disgusting calls "the height of sophisticated comic book stories"
here with a powerful new story arc from New York Times best-selling writer Joshua Dysart (HARBINGER
WARS) and red-hot artist CAFU (UNITY) and Juan José Ryp (NINJAK)! 112 PGS.
Special Order, Ships in 1-2 Weeks

Retail Price: $14.99
Our Price: $12.75 (You Save $2.25)
Imperium TPB Volume 4: Stormbreak
The world’s most powerful team of mercenaries is on the defense…as an elite international kill squad
led by Livewire and H.A.R.D. Corps’ Major Charlie Palmer descends to destroy Imperium’s stronghold!
Toyo Harada will save the world...if he doesn’t doom it first. The revolutionary disruption that Harada and
his team have launched – by deposing tyrants, housing refugees, and feeding the poor – has come at
the expense of the world’s wealthiest nations. When the planet’s leaders have had enough, it will be
decided: Toyo Harada must die. Now a crack unit of operatives will stand against Harada on the global
stage...with his own former pupil, Livewire, taking him head-on. The war starts here as New York Times
best-selling writer Joshua Dysart (HARBINGER WARS) and Harvey Award nominated artist Khari Evans
(HARBINGER, The Immortal Iron Fist) unite for an explosive new chapter...pitting the Valiant Universe’s
notorious team of monsters and revolutionaries against the very system they’ve sworn to overthrow!
Collecting IMPERIUM #13-16. 112 PGS.
Release Date July 2016

Retail Price: $14.99
Our Price: $12.75 (You Save $2.25)
Ninjak TPB Volume 1: Weaponer
Writen by Matt Kindt; Art by Clay Mann, Butch Guice, Juan José Ryp; Cover by Lewis LaRosa
Every master spy... has to start somewhere. Then: Meet inexperienced MI-6 recruit Colin King on his first
mission in the field as he learns the basics of spycraft and counterintelligence, and develops a volatile
relationship with his first handler. Now: Colin King is Ninjak, the world’s foremost intelligence operative,
weapons expert, and master assassin. And he’s hunting the Shadow Seven — a secret cabal of shinobi
masters with mysterious ties to his training and tragic past. Start reading here as Ninjak’s past and
future collide in the pages of an all-new ongoing series from New York Times best-selling writer Matt
Kindt (THE VALIANT, DIVINITY) and superstar artists Clay Mann (Gambit), Butch Guice (Captain
America), and Juan José Ryp (Black Summer). Collecting NINJAK #1–5. 176 PGS.

Retail Price: $9.99
Our Price: $8.49 (You Save $1.50)
Ninjak TPB Volume 2: Shadow Wars
Written by Matt Kindt; Art by Clay Mann & Various; Cover by Mico Suayan
WHO ARE THE SHADOW SEVEN? That's the question Ninjak was sent to answer when he was
dispatched to destroy terrorist organization Weaponeer from the inside out. As these mysterious new
enemies make their move, Ninjak goes on a globe-spanning race against time to stop their
machinations. Plus: discover how Colin King and Neville Alcott first met - and the deadly secret Neville
has kept from Colin as NINJAK: THE LOST FILES continues.
Start reading here as New York Times best-selling writer Matt Kindt (DIVINITY, Mind MGMT) and red-hot
artists Clay Mann (X-Men: Legacy), Raúl Allén (BLOODSHOT REBORN), Juan José Ryp (Clone) and
Stephen Segovia (Superior Carnage) begin a pivotal new chapter of the year's smash-hit new series!
Collecting NINJAK #6-9. 144 PGS.
Special Order, Ships in 1-2 Weeks

Retail Price: $14.99
Our Price: $12.74 (You Save $2.25)
Ninjak TPB Volume 3: Operation Deadside
Written by Matt Kindt; Art by Doug Braithwaite, Juan José Ryp; Cover by Doug Braithwaite
In December 2015, a covert military intelligence unit sent a team of 20 agents and one special operative
into a parallel dimension. Only one came back.
The purpose of their mission was classified. Now, out of options, MI-6 hasrecruited their most elite
operative – codename: Ninjak – to follow the doomed mission’s sole witness back into the dimension
called Deadside…and bring her missing teammates home.
What will they find there? And who will be waiting for them? Jump on board here as New York Times
best-selling writer Matt Kindt (DIVINITY) and superstar artists Doug Braithwaite (ARMOR HUNTERS) and
Juan José Ryp (Clone) reunite for a terrifying journey into an unknown plane of existence…and bring
Ninjak head-to-head with Shadowman. Collecting NINJAK #10–13. 144 PGS.
Special Order, Ships in 1-2 Weeks

Retail Price: $14.99
Our Price: $12.74 (You Save $2.25)
Pages: 1 - 2