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Comic Book Artist Vol 2 #1: Alex Ross & Neal Adams
Get ready for CBA Reloaded as the two-time Eisner award-winning magazine -- devoted to the
celebration of comics both old and new -- is relaunching with a vengeance under the Top Shelf banner!
In honor of our revamp, comics legends Neal Adams and Alex Ross team-up for the first time to
contribute a brand-spankin' new cover featuring the Man of Steel, as we explore "The Art of Dynamic
Realism" in new comprehensive interviews with both artists (spotlighting plenty of rarely-seen and
unpublished Ross and Adams art). Plus, CBA continues its exhaustive examinations of comics past,
this time with the definitive history of Arcade, The Comics Revue, the seminal 1970s underground comix
showcase helmed by Robert Crumb, Art Spiegelman, and Bill Griffith. Also, superb science-fiction author
Michael Moorcock discusses the comic book adaptations of his work, as well as on-going four-color
collaborations with artist Walter Simonson. While we're at it, let's throw in a Craig Thompson
sketchbook, the story behind Tod Holton -- Super Green Beret (!), a 16-page color section, reviews &
news, columns by our regular contributors, plus more surprises! 118 PGS.

Retail Price: $7.50
Our Price: $6.00 (You Save $1.50)
Comic Book Artist Vol 2 #6; Will Eisner
The CBA All-Star Tribute Honoring the Great Sequential Art Master, Will Eisner. This double-sized
memorial issue features remembrances, art and essays by over 200 artists, writers, editors, friends
and fans celebrating the man, his superlative 70-year career and unprecedented impact on the art
form. Behind a Dave Gibbons cover, this mammoth special contains tribute art by an incredibly diverse
group of creators, including Mike Allred, Murphy Anderson, Donna Barr, Frank Cho, Darwyn Cooke,
Geof Darrow, Jack Davis, Mike Diana, Irwin Hasen, Gilbert Hernandez, Alex Horley, Everett Raymond
Kinstler, David Levine, Joe Linsner, Mark Martin, Mike Mignola, Eric Powell, Mike Ploog, Trina Robbins,
Spain Rodriguez, Alex Ross, Craig Thompson, Tim Vigil, among many others. Included are interviews
with Art Spiegelman, Jules Feiffer and Scott McCloud, on their friendships with Eisner and his influence
on the future of comics. Plus testimonials and anecdotes shared by a wide array of comic book pros,
including Alan Moore, Neil Gaiman, Stan Lee, Richard Corben, Joe Kubert, David Mazzucchelli, Joe
Simon, and many others. Join us to experience a spirit of good will as the creator's legion of admirers
celebrate the life and mourn the passing of a true giant: Will Eisner. 192 PGS.

Retail Price: $14.50
Our Price: $11.50 (You Save $3.00)