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Chronicles of Kull TPB Volume 1: A King Comes Riding and Other Stories
Written by Roy Thomas, Gerry Conway, Len Wein; Art by Marie and John Severin, Bernie Wrightson,
Ross Andru and Wally Wood
The Chronicles of Kull Volume 1: A King Comes Riding and Other Stories kicks off Dark Horseís newest
addition to its popular Robert E. Howard reprint line. Presenting every color Kull comic from the 1970s
and '80s chronologically for the first time ever, volume 1 features color Kull stories from Creatures on the
Loose! #10, Monsters on the Prowl #16, and Kull the Conqueror #1 to #9. The writing talents of
legendary creators Roy Thomas, Gerry Conway, and Len Wein and the stunning visuals of Marie
Severin, John Severin, and Bernie Wrightson are on display in such thrilling tales as "The Skull of
Silence", "Night of the Red Slayers", and "The Forbidden Swamp!" See how Robert E. Howardís Kull
stories were interpreted over three decades ago in comics. 200 PGS.
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Chronicles of Kull TPB Volume 5: Dead Men of the Deep and Other Stories
Written by Alan Zelenetz; Penciled by John Buscema, Bill Sienkiewicz, Charles Vess, John Bolton; Inked
by John Beatty, Klaus Janson, Marie Severin, and others
Kull slew a bloody-handed king to free Valusia from his tyranny, but that act turned out to be the easiest
of Kull’s reign. King slaying is something of a sport for the upper crust of the jealous Valusian nobility,
who have designs of their own for Kull. His sovereignty is threatened from without as well; evil mages,
eldritch spirits, plague, and serpent-men would see Kull to an early grave. This volume reprints Kull the
Conqueror Volume 3 #3 through #10 with their original colors digitally restored! 256 PGS. Rated Ages

Retail Price: $18.99
Our Price: $15.19 (You Save $3.80)