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Pages: 1 - 2
AD: After Death Hardcover
Written by Scott Snyder; Art & Cover by Jeff Lemire
What if we found a cure for death?
Two of comics' most acclaimed creators, SCOTT SNYDER (WYTCHES, Batman, American Vampire)
and JEFF LEMIRE (DESCENDER, PLUTONA, Moon Knight, Sweet Tooth) unite to create an epic like no
other, set in a future where a genetic cure for death has been found. Years after the discovery, one man
starts to question everything, leading him on a mind-bending journey that will bring him face-to-face with
his past and his own mortality.  
A unique combination of comics, prose, and illustration, A.D.: AFTER DEATH is an oversized hardcover
graphic novel written by SNYDER and fully painted by LEMIRE. Collects AD: AFTER DEATH #1-3. 224

Retail Price: $24.99
Our Price: $19.99 (You Save $5.00)
Airboy Deluxe Hardcover
Written by James Robinson; Art & Cover by Greg Hinkle
Airboy himself appears to set author JAMES ROBINSON (Starman, Fantastic Four)and artist GREG
HINKLE on the straight and narrow. But no one in this story has their life go according to plan. Read the
entire series in one hardcover collected volume, which features a brand new story dealing with the
reaction to the comic's initial publication that doesn't turn out the way anyone expects...least of all
Robinson and Hinkle. Collects AIRBOY #1-4. 128 PGS.

Retail Price: $24.99
Our Price: $19.99 (You Save $5.00)
Amazing Joy Buzzards Graphic Novel: Here Come the Spiders
Written by MARK ANDREW SMITH; Art & Cover DAN HIPP
The world's greatest rock 'n roll adventure band makes their original graphic novel debut With
girl-magnet Biff on guitar and vocals, tough guy Stevo on bass, and four-eyed genius Gabe on drums -
not to mention their mythical Mexican wrestler genie, El Campeon - the Amazing Joy Buzzards hop from
one fast-paced adventure to the next, living life to the fullest! As their world tour commences, their battle
with the nefarious Spider Syndicate gets into full swing with the fate of the world in the balance!  Black &
White, 6" x9" Format, 300 PGS.

Retail Price: $19.99
Our Price: $15.99 (You Save $4.00)
Amory Wars TPB  Volume 2: Second Stage Turbine Blade
Written by Claudio Sanchez, art by Gabriel Guzman, cover by Tony Moore.
Collected at last: the second volume in the ongoing saga of The Amory Wars from Sanchez, concluding
the story of The Second Stage Turbine Blade! Collects Amory Wars, Vol. 2 #1-6, plus exclusive story,
"33." 128 PGS.

Retail Price: $14.99
Our Price: $11.99 (You Save $3.00)
Autumnlands TPB  Volume 1: Tooth & Claw
Written by Kurt Busiek; Art & Cover by Ben Dewey
The debut collection of the hit epic-fantasy series. When the wizards of the Autumnlands reach through
time to bring back a legendary hero, they don't get the savior they expected. But in a shattered, besieged
city, he's their only hope of survival-and possibly their entire world's, as well. Collects THE
AUTUMNLANDS: TOOTH & CLAW #1-6. 184 PGS. Mature Readers Rating

Retail Price: $9.99
Our Price: $7.99 (You Save $2.00)
Autumnlands TPB  Volume 2: Woodland Creatures
Written by Kurt Busiek; Art & Cover by Benjamin Dewey, Jordie Bellaire
Stranded in the mountains, the Great Champion and the young dog-wizard Dusty discover gods, goats,
living statues, oracular crows, and dangerous secrets about the history of the Autumnlands. Secrets that
could help them save the world-if they're able to survive.
The hit epic-fantasy series continues, by superstar creators KURT BUSIEK, BENJAMIN DEWEY and
JORDIE BELLAIRE. Collects THE AUTUMNLANDS #7-14. 184 PGS. Mature Readers Rating

Retail Price: $16.99
Our Price: $13.59 (You Save $3.40)
Big Man Plans TPB
Written by Eric Powell, Tim Wiesch; Art & Cover by Eric Powell
The complete brutal and heartbreaking revenge tale by Goon creator ERIC POWELL and co-writer TIM
Readers Rating

Retail Price: $14.99
Our Price: $11.99 (You Save $3.00)
Black Cherry Graphic Novel
Written & Illustrated by DOUG TENNAPEL
Down-on-his-luck Mafioso, Eddie Paretti is so desperate for cash he’s agreed to steal a dead body from
his own mob boss! Things only get worse when he discovers the body isn’t human! With few options
and fewer people he can trust, Eddie calls on the man who raised him, Father McHugh. The priest tells
Eddie that the body was stolen from his monastery by the Mafia. Father McHugh is accompanied by a
beautiful woman Eddie swears looks just like a stripper he once fell in love with named Black Cherry.
Blending crime thriller with TENNAPEL’s utterly breath-taking brushwork, BLACK CHERRY is delicious.

Retail Price: $17.99
Our Price: $15.29  (You Save $2.79)
Black Cloud TPB Volume 1: No Exit
Written by Jason Latour, Ivan Brandon; Art & Cover by Greg Hinkle, Matt Wilson
Zelda's about to start a war of dreams. In the days when story and reality were one, the old blood -
people with the power to shape stories - built a new world to escape the future we all came to live in.
Generations later, Zelda rejects the old blood's dreams and escapes into our world to run from destiny.
But destiny has a nasty way of catching up to you. From the creators of Spider-Gwen, SOUTHERN
BASTARDS, DRIFTER, and AIRBOY, comes a new fantasy where heroes are hard to find. Collects
BLACK CLOUD #1-5. 128 PGS. Mature Readers Rating
Release Date October 2017

Retail Price: $9.99
Our Price: $7.99 (You Save $2.00)
Circuit Breaker TPB Volume 1
Story by KEVIN McCARTHY; Art & Cover by KYLE BAKER
When the heroic robots that saved Japan during World War IV are outlawed, they turn against mankind,
waging a campaign of terror across the last city on Earth. Their creator builds one more soldier,
disguised as his teenaged granddaughter, and tasks her with dismantling the mechanical militia. As
she begins to question her programming, will she be the last hope for humanity, or the final nail in our
coffin? Collects CIRCUIT-BREAKER #1-5. 128 PGS. Rated Teen +

Retail Price: $14.99
Our Price: $11.99 (You Save $3.00)
Curse Words TPB Volume 1
Written by Charles Soule; Art & Cover by Ryan Browne
A wizard has appeared in present-day New York! His name is Wizord, and he's here to save us all from
dark magical forces bent on our destruction.
He's the best wizard of all time! Or...he's not, and he's lying to everyone, and secretly is the dark magical
force, but wants to hang out in our world for a while because it's so much nicer than the hellhole he
comes from. Secrets, and spells, and talking koalas-CURSE WORDS is a gonzo dark fantasy from
Collects CURSE WORDS #1-5. 168 PGS. Mature Readers Rating

Retail Price: $9.99
Our Price: $7.99 (You Save $2.00)
Dead @ 17 Compete Collection TPB
Written, Art & Cover by JOSH HOWARD
This is it! The entire, cultfavorite DEAD@17 series collected together in one massive volume!
Rediscover, or experience for the first time, Nara Kilday’s incredible journey from life to death to rebirth
and her epic struggle with the evils of man and demons. Bonus content includes sketches, art gallery,
and creator commentary. Collects DEAD@17 #1-7. 768 PGS. Rated Teen +

Retail Price: $49.99
Our Price: $39.99 (You Save $10.00)
Deadly Class Deluxe Hardcover Volume 1
Written by RICK REMENDER; Art & Cover by WES CRAIG
Collecting the first three arcs of REMENDER and CRAIG’s twistedly humorous story of a group of
damaged teens enrolled in a secret high school, training to become the world’s greatest assassins.
Presented in oversized hardcover format! Collects DEADLY CLASS #1-16. 8"x12" Format. 432 PGS.
Mature Readers Rating

Retail Price: $49.99
Our Price: $39.99 (You Save $10.00)
Elephantmen TPB: War Toys
Written by RICHARD STARKINGS & JOE KELLY, Art by MORITAT, Wraparound Cover byBOO COOK
The story of the war to end all wars now in one volume! The prequel to Image's hit series, Elephantmen
finds Africa and China at war. The battlefield: Europe, recently devastated by a lethal virus. Enter:
Mappo's soldiers, The Elephantmen. Even in the face of blistering resistance, it seems that nothing can
stop Mappo's advance across France to the North. But as Hip Flask comes face to face with the last
vestiges of humanity in the frozen Scandinavian wastes, he discovers that only the dead see the end of
warfare. Collects Elephantmen: War Toys #1-3. Black & White, 104 PGS.

Retail Price: $9.99
Our Price: $7.99 (You Save $2.00)
Extremity TPB Volume 1: Artist
Written, Illustrated & Cover by DANIEL WARREN JOHNSON
Thea dreams. Not of a better life, but of revenge on the clan that ruined her family. With ferocious battles
between man, machines, and monsters ahead…who knows where her quest for vengeance will take
Creator DANIEL WARREN JOHNSON (Space Mullet) and colorist MIKE SPICER present a bold new
vision, where the beauty and imagination of Studio Ghibli meet the intensity of Mad Max, in this all-new
Skybound Original. Collects EXTREMITY #1-6. 136 PGS.
Release Date October 2017

Retail Price: $16.99
Our Price: $13.59 (You Save $3.40)
Fade From Grace TPB
Created, Art and Cover by Jeff Amano, Written by Gabriel Benson.
The most powerful superhero love story in years is finally collected!
"My husband was a hero, but he never cared about the fame and I love him for it. I just loved him." --
Grace, wife of the superhero called Fade. Includes all five issues, commentary and cover gallery. 136

Retail Price: $14.99
Our Price: $11.99  (You Save $3.00)
Full Color Graphic Novel
Written & Illustrated by MARK HAVEN BRITT
TELL YOUR BOSS EXACTLY WHAT YOU THINK. A lifetime marked with Napoleonic bosses has
generated a rage in Boom that she can’t contain anymore – only aim. Her target? Her boss. That same
day, Boom comes home to find an old friend standing on her fire escape. David’s double-crossed a drug
dealer and he's looking for help. Boom tells him, “I can’t. I’ve given myself one day to make it all right or I’
m just going to kill myself. What do you think of that?”
David smiles, “Chaos it is then. We’ll need coffee.” FULL COLOR is an action-packed odyssey through
New York. Fast-paced and thoughtful, compelling and funny, FULL COLOR is a revenge-fueled morality
tale for a post-September 11th world.  Black & White, 176 PGS.

Retail Price: $15.99
Our Price: $13.59 (You Save $2.40)
Ghost Fleet TPB: Whole Goddamned Thing
Written by Donny Cates; Art & Cover by Daniel Warren Johnson & Various
For the world's most valuable, dangerous, or secretive cargo, you don't call just any trucking service...You
call THE GHOST FLEET. When one of the world's most elite combat-trained truckers takes a forbidden
peek at his payload, he uncovers a conspiracy that will change his life, and the world, forever! The
critically acclaimed eight-issue miniseries is collected for the very first time in one deluxe, over-the-top
volume from DONNY CATES (GOD COUNTRY, REDNECK) and the incredible DANIEL WARREN
Collects THE GHOST FLEET #1-8. 208 PGS. Mature Readers Rating
Release Date October 2017

Retail Price: $19.99
Our Price: $15.99 (You Save $4.00)
Goddamned TPB Volume 1: The Flood
Written by Jason Aaron; Art & Cover by  R. M. Guera
"And the earth was filled with violence." (Genesis 6:11). It's 1,655 years after Eden, and life on earth has
already gone to hell. The world of man is a place of wanton cruelty and wickedness. Prehistoric
monsters and stone-age marauders roam the land. Murder and destruction are the rule of the day. This
is life before the Flood. The story of man on the verge of his first apocalypse. Welcome to the world of the
Goddamned. Collects THE GODDAMNED #1-5. 128 PGS.  Mature Readers Rating

Retail Price: $9.99
Our Price: $7.99 (You Save $2.00)
Happy! TPB
Meet NICK SAX - a corrupt, intoxicated ex-cop turned hit-man, adrift in a stinking twilight world of casual
murder, soulless sex, eczema and betrayal. With a hit gone wrong, a bullet in his side, the cops and the
mob on his tail, and a monstrous child killer in a Santa suit on the loose, Nick and his world will be
changed forever this Christmas. By a tiny blue horse called Happy… Collects HAPPY! 1-4.122 PGS.
Rated Mature Readers.

Retail Price: $12.99
Our Price: $10.39 (You Save $2.60)
I Hate Fairyland Deluxe Edition Hardcover Volume 1
Written, Illustrated & Cover by Skottie Young
From SKOTTIE YOUNG, New York Times bestselling, Eisner Award-winning cartoonist of The Wonderful
Wizard of Oz graphic novels, Rocket Raccoon, and Fortunately, the Milk, comes a satirical fairytale
adventure that smashes its cute little face against hilariously violent comedy that's definitely NOT
bedtime story material for the kiddies (unless your parents are super cool and don't screen your
entertainment, then...whatever).
In this oversized DELUXE HARDCOVER, join Gert (a grown woman in a six-year-old girl's body, who has
been stuck in a the magical world of Fairyland for over 30 years) on a maddening quest to return home.
It's just her, a fly named Larry, a giant blood-soaked battle-axe and an endless amount of cute and
cuddly Fairylanders standing in her way.
Collects I HATE FAIRYLAND #1-10, along with EXCLUSIVE EXTRAS!  296 PGS.Mature Readers Rating
Release Date December 2017

Retail Price: $29.99
Our Price: $123.99 (You Save $6.00)
I Hate Fairyland TPB Volume 1: Madly Ever After
Written, Illustrated & Cover by SKOTTIE YOUNG
From superstar writer and artist SKOTTIE YOUNG (Rocket Raccoon, Wizard of Oz, Fortunately, The Milk),
comes the first volume of an all-new series of adventure and mayhem.
An Adventure Time/Alice in Wonderland-style epic that smashes its cute little face against grown-up
Tank Girl/Deadpool-esque violent madness. Follow Gert, a forty-year-old woman in a six-year-old's body,
who has been stuck in the magical world of Fairyland for nearly thirty years. Join her and her giant
battle-axe on a delightfully blood-soaked journey to see who will survive the girl who HATES FAIRYLAND.
Collects I HATE FAIRYLAND #1-5 . 128 PGS. Mature Readers Rating

Retail Price: $9.99
Our Price: $7.99 (You Save $2.00)
I Hate Fairyland TPB Volume 2: Fluff My Life
Written, Illustrated & Cover by Skottie Young
All hail Gertrude, the new Queen of Fairyland. After thirty years of wreaking havoc across this magical
world to find her way back home, she must now overcome her biggest challenge yet...ruling the place
she hates most. Join Gert as she continues her never-ending quest to get the FLUFF out of Fairyland.
The hilariously brutal fairytale adventure continues by superstar cartoonist SKOTTIE YOUNG. Collects I
HATE FAIRYLAND #6-10. 128 PGS. Mature Readers  Rating

Retail Price: $14.99
Our Price: $11.99 (You Save $3.00)
I Hate Fairyland TPB Volume 3: Good Girl
Written, Illustrated & Cover by Skottie Young
Gert finally realizes that being such a murderous maniac might be the reason she's not been able to find
her way out of the candy-coated world of Fairyland that has been her nightmare for over 40 years. She
sets off on a new quest to redeem herself and tries to earn her way back home with good deeds and
kindness and love and whatever other mushy, touchy-feely things she can manage. The epic and
hilarious fantasy quest from fan-favorite cartoonist SKOTTIE YOUNG continues. Collects I HATE
FAIRYLAND #11-15. 128 PGS. Mature Readers Rating
Release Date October 2017

Retail Price: $16.99
Our Price: $13.59 (You Save $3.40)
Lions, Tigers and Bears TPB
Written by MIKE BULLOCK, Art & Cover by JACK LAWRENCE
"FEAR AND PRIDE"  Follow Joey Price on the adventure of a lifetime through the Stuffed Animal Kingdom
is this epic all-ages odyssey! When Joey's worst fears, The Beasties, come crawling out of his closet in
the middle of the night, he finds out his new stuffed animals, the Night Pride, are more real and more
needed than he ever could have imagined. 128 PGS.

Retail Price: $12.99
Our Price: $10.39  (You Save $2.60)
Pages: 1 - 2